The Elimination of Jewish Attorneys in Hungary During the Holocaust

About the Authors

Dr. Gavriel Bar-Shaked, of the Hall of Names, Yad Vashem, graduated from Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest and was researcher at the Institute of Ethnology of the Hungarian Academy of Science. He is Director of the Nevek Project, which is attempting to record the names of victims of the Holocaust in Hungary.

Dr. Julia Bock is acquisition Librarian at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. She was formerly Librarian at the Museum Of Jewish Heritage in New York City. Dr. Bock graduated and received her Ph.D. from Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest and also holds a Master Degree in Library Science from Columbia University.

Yosef Stern is Manager of Information and Economics at Dead Sea Laboratories, Ltd. In his spare time, he serves as Data Base Administrator for the Nevek Project.

Miscarriage of Justice

Miscarriage of Justice is a chronicle of the Jewish legal community of Hungary during the Holocaust, the most complete volume of resraech yet undertaken on the subject. It is but one chapter of the horrific tragedy that befell hundreds of thousands of Jewish citizens of Hungary during 1939-1945, those black years when simple human decency was almost swept away in the face of the Nazi onslaught.

Official records indicate that on the eve of World War II some 3,400 Jewish lawyers were practicing law in Hungary. A prime ministerial decree disbarred them, and their practices were given to Magyar guardians. The individual stories on these pages are the recollections of brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren of Jewish lawyers and jurists whose livelihoods and often lives were lost during that period. In many cases, official documents back up these stories; in others, only cherished memories remain.

The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists views this research as part of its continuing efforts to advance human rights everywhere, including the prevention of war crimes and the punishment of war criminals.

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