The Elimination of Jewish Attorneys in Hungary During the Holocaust

Dr. Ede Odon Rona

Dr. Ede Odon Rona was born in 1887 in Marosvasarhely to an old rabbinic family. One of his ancestors came from the Donelli family, who, as one of the city’s rich burghers, received the title ”Nasich HaYehudi” (Jewish Prince) from the ruling prince. The grandfather of Dr. Rona was the Rabbi of Marosvasarhely and the founder of the local yeshiva. The family moved to Vienna, and there they adopted the name of ”Furst” (meaning prince). His wife Eva opened a school for girls and kindergartens. Her generosity was recognized by the Christrian community as well. His son, Zsigmond Furst, was first the Rabbi in Nagyszombat, Eperjes, then the Rabbi of the orthodox community of Schiffshul in Vienna. The family pictures also show Dr. Arthur Furst, a medical officer.

He finished his studies as a lawyer around 1910, and very soon he became a lawyer of good reputation with a large clientele, among them the Jewish religous community (Chevra Kadisha), manufacturers, enterpreneurs and other well-established individuals, but he represented lesser known people as well. Another lawyer and a secretary also worked in his office. The administration was handled by his wife.

The Rona girls grew up in a secure and happy family, spared from troubles even during the war years. About when and how they realized what was going on, Eva said, ”On March 18, 1944, on a Saturday afternoon, there was a secret meeting, organized by the youth group of HaNoar HaZioni. I met a young man there who had escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto. He spoke about what happened there and also showed pictures from the ghetto. The whole world collapsed for me. I still lived the careless life of a child. The next day German troops occupied Budapest. When I saw them marching in, it did not really suprise me. It was the continuation of what I had heard the day before.”

During the terror of the Arrow Cross, the family was hidden by Christian friends. The whole family was liberated together. Dr. Rona immediately returned to his work. His heart stopped during a court hearing. He is interred in the cemetery at Rakoskeresztur in a grave bestowed by the Jewish Community.

The Rabbi of Marosvásárhely and his family, circa 1880

Dr. Ede Ödön Róna, an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army,World War I.

Dr. Róna and family, 1930s

Dr. Róna's marriage certificate

The wedding photo of Ede Ödön Róna and Erzsebet Groszberger.

Dr. Róna's insurance policy.


Eva Róna, carefree in Budapest, 1942

Odon and Erzsebet Róna, early 1940s.

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