The Elimination of Jewish Attorneys in Hungary During the Holocaust

Our Sources

Our publication contains the names of 3,440 Jewish advocates listed in the 1944 edition of the official journal, the Budapesti Kozlony (Budapest Bulletin). Lists of aryanization were published throughout 1944 announcing the removal of Jews from the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacy and law. One can also find in the Bulletin announcements of the aryanization of industrial and commercial firms, where in similar fashion to the advocates, the names of Christian caretakers are given. Our publication contains the full name of the advocates, the city where they practiced, as well as the names of the Christian advocates who took over the business.

Announcement in the Budapesti Kozlony, May 9, 1944, announcing the aryanization of numerous law office: "The Debrecen Bar Association announces in accordance with the Prime Minister Decree, No. 1.210/1944, the following have been erased from the Registry of Advocates, effective April 20, 1944".
After we completed the list, we tried to identify more data on individual lawyers. Our main sources were the collection of Pages of Testimonies at Yad Vashem, and the data in the NAMES project, sponsored by the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation. We also researched the memorial albums published by the Archives of the Museum of Military History in Budapest, as well as the Archives of Yad Vashem. In this way we obtained information on hundreds of relatives, many of whom were able to provide us with photographs, documents and biographies.

These biographies and stories provide many insights into the history of the period and demonstrate the cataclysmic effect these historic upheavals had on the individual and his family.

Whenever we found photographs among the Pages of Testimonies at Yad Vashem, we made them available in this volume. Further analytical search is possible through either the Yad Vashem website at www.yadvashem.org or the NAMES database website at www.neveklarsfeld.org.

The compiled list does not provide the names of all Jewish lawyers in Hungary in 1944. Although we worked from the official journal, data from some areas, for example the Association of Szabadka, were incomplete. Also, the names from Delvidek (the Southern territories), were reconstructed from the collection of names at Yad Vashem.

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